Industrial Filtration


Light Duty Filtration

HVAC  (Supplied in rolls or cut to size in panels)

This is covered by the whole spectrum ranging from domestic filter media used in room air conditioning units, pre filtration in spray booths to return air filter panels.

Commercial – Industrial Fresh Air

Pleated Panel Filters

Filtration for these areas is done using extended surface pleated panel filters which is used either as a pre filter or as the  primary (main) filter used in the fresh air  fan filter units for package type air conditioner return air systems, stand alone fresh air systems or light duty clean environment industrial sub station pressurisation units. These are available in either disposable or washable filter media.

Pocket Filters

These are used in various applications in fresh air to pressurisation systems and can be used as secondary filtration (with a panel filter as the primary) or as the primary filter in a pressurisation system or offices / building fresh air system. These are available in various sizes and depending on the media used are available in five efficiencies ranging between 25 – 30% up to 90 – 95%.

Pocket filters are available in ultra fine fibre media or heavy duty synthetic media.

Dust Collector Cartridges

These are used mainly in reverse pulse filter units where high levels of cleanliness is desired in an industrial application for sub stations or any plant areas that require high levels of cleanliness. These cartridges are manufactured using normal automotive quality filter paper or if required a more robust polyurethane impregnated paper (poly paper) which allows for them to be washed.

Filter Bags

These are used in large industrial type dust collector bag houses and are generally of a needle veld construction and available in different temperature ratings which is required  in metal furnace operations. They are available in any length and diameters required including the supply of metal wire cages that accept the snap ring fastening of the filter bag in the vortex of the filter cage.

Hydraulic Plant Filtration

These are used in the plant areas where  hydraulic motors, drives or hydraulic rams are used in static position either on plant operations or in dedicated hydraulic rooms. This filtration is usually of the spin on variety fitted to filter heads or of the cartridge type fitted into filter housings usually fitted with a restriction indicator.

Water Filtration

We offer basic domestic water filtration where PVC housing are used in line fitted with a plain woven disposable cartridge filter through to the five stage domestic / commercial system where ultra violet water sanitizers as well as the filtration is done via activated carbon filters through to reverse osmosis giving clean sanitized water of very high standards.