Dust and Fume Extraction

Industrial ventilation is used to remove contaminated or toxic air out of a room. Air can become contaminated with toxins, smoke, welding fumes, solvent vapours or dust which is harmful to workers who are working in these environment. Uranium_One_Scruber_FilventDust & Fume Extraction systems remove these harmful pollutants creating a safe environment for all.

Depending on the site & type of pollutant to be removed our ventilation specialists will design an effective extraction system specifically  suited to the type of work and contaminant being released into the air ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your staff.

Main features of an Extraction System

  • A hood or “air intake” area
  • Ducting to remove the contaminated air from one place to another.
  • Air cleaning device (Optional)
  • Fan to exhaust the contaminated air out of the room.

Types of Dust / Fume extraction systems:


Bag Houses

Industrial Wet Scrubbers