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Automotive Filtration Filvent

Automotive Filtration

Filvent (Pty) Ltd. distributes a range of automotive filters including: Air, Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic Filters.

Automotive Filtration …

Air Conditioning Filvent

industrial filters

We design and stock a range of highly efficient and reliable air filtration products.

Industrial Filters …

Air Conditioining

air conditioning

We design maintain, service, repair & install all manner of Air Conditioning Systems..

Air Conditioning …

Evaporative Coolers FilventRovos Air Cleaners

The ROVOS air cleaner offers excellent air cleaning efficiency of 99.9% at 5um>. It has low maintenance requirements, “back up” safety & ease of mounting… all in one economical air cleaning system. The ROVOS air cleaner has low initial restriction, a wide range of air flow capacities, is compact & lightweight and can operate under severe dust conditions or where moisture is a constant hazard. The ROVOS air cleaner offers a wide range of applications..

Rovos Air Cleaners …

Filvent Units

We design and manufacture direct driven dual inlet centrifugal fan units which are fitted into fabricated steel housings complete with efficient pocket filters..

Filvent Units …

dust &  fume extracton

We design modular Baghouses with high collection efficiency for both large and small particles operating within a wide range of flow rates and reasonably low pressure drops.

Dust and Fume Extraction …

Reverse Pulse Units Filventpressurisation units

Our customised reverse pulse units are self-cleaning, require minimal maintenance and feature high efficiency filters, sequentially cleaned by a reverse pulse of compressed air..

Presurisation Units …

Industrial_air_filtration_filventGeneral Ducting

Filvent (Pty) Ltd. will design and manufacture all manner of ducting to suit your exacting requirements..

General Ducting …



Filvent (Pty) Ltd. manufacture, install and service heavy duty & light duty wash bay systems for businesses that clean a fleet of vehicles, large trucks or heavy equipment.

Wash Bays …